Montag, 21. April 2014

Im just a struggling vagabond

Hey guys =D

Awr Im so exited to show you the last Cardiff pictures, I love them! We went to the Penarth Pier , its a between Cardiff Airport and Cardiff Central and its located directly on the sea. We rented a room there via Airbnb and I think its a great opinion to see other places than just the city. There were People fishing on the pier and one of them lost his fishing pole, it was really entertaining to see them fishing it out again with their own fishing poles haha ^^.
Some words in general, I think Wales is a great place for vacation and I would love to go back, but then I would rent a car to see the beautiful landscape. Im so into the Accent ( yeah I know that most People think its awful but I really like it =D ) and the british Sandwiches, they have the best cheese and onion ones !

I bought this dress on that day and combined it with my favourites like the jacket and the boots. We took some pictures on the pier but after we went to the beach I saw this old ladder hanging around .I hope you like them as much as I do =D

Necklace: Primark
Dress: Primark
Coat: Vintage
Backpack: Primark
Boots: Dr.Martens
Faye =*

Samstag, 19. April 2014

Listen if you still care

Hello =)

So this is my second Cardiff post. We went to the Castle and it was so easy to find because its located in the middle of the City. I love old buildings and i went to castles all around the world before. This is a real touristic one, there are People everywhere and students are taking their lunches in front of the Castle. The Tower was really interesting , I love to think what happened there hundreds of years ago .

My Outfit includes my favorite pieces. The UNIF Harness Shorts are amazing and with the flower crop it gives that Special vibe Im so into. I own this jacket since im a child, its so comfy and I dont have to say anything about the Dr.Martens;)
PS: This are my first belly pics , I have to excuse that the Pictures were made at the end of the day and I have eaten so much, so it does not look that great^^

Necklace: Primark
Crop Top: Tally Weijl
Coat: Vintage
Bag: Primark
High Waist Shorts: Harness Shorts by UNIF via
Boots: Dr.Martens

Mittwoch, 16. April 2014

Blinded by nostalgia

Hey there =D

Im back from Cardiff and we had a great time there. The weather was amazing and the place we stayed at was located directly on the coast. I have tons of pictures I want to show you, so I just show them with my outfits I wore that day.

The first day we went to the bay and walked around the port. Awr I love this cute ice cream vans, the bubblegum stuff was awesome!

I wore a gypsy inspired outfit, my new Spell Bell Bottoms (omg they are so comfortable!) and black basic stuff paired with it. We walked the whole day so this was something like perfect for this occasion.

Tanktop: Zara
Coat: Vintage
Crochet Vest: Tally Weijl
Pants: Desert Wanderer Bell Bottoms
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Rosie Cut Out Boot via

Faye =*

Samstag, 12. April 2014

Believe me when I tell you

Good evening everyone,

So much stuff going on the last two weeks! Im learning all the time for my exams in may and next week i will take a break.Im heading to Cardiff tomorrow and I wanted to show you todays Outfit before i will be away again until at least Wednesday evening. If you want to see what im doing while im in the UK, follow me on my instagram account. My nickname is sweetaloevera =) I love the isle and cant wait to finally eat cheddar and drink a Guinness again.

This outfit is an elegant one again, I got the skirt last year in London and just wore it once ,but I think it fits perfect with the cute lace crop top and the backpack /shoes are the little color touch.

 Crop Top: H&M
Cardigan: Primark
Skirt: Primark
Necklace: H&M
Shoes: Lavendel Vapors by via ebay

Wish you a nice week =D


Sonntag, 30. März 2014

I want to hear both sides

Good evening =)

I hope you enjoyed this beautiful Weekend. I  cant wait to have my Holidays and dance all day long in the sun.. No big words today, I just wanted to show you todays pictures with the famous Terrible Movement Kiss me tee ,its amazing!

So again, a sunday summary:

Watched: TV Shows and the last few episodes of Revenges season 2
Read: Nora by Hendrik Ibsen for school
Listen: The Beatles, Jet and Nancy Sinatra
Did: Went to the Cinema to see American Hustle
Eat: Pizza, Vegetable Bread
Drink: To much unhealthy stuff like coke and ice tea
Thought: The missing airplane reminds me soo much of the tv show "Lost"^^
Happy: Finally its warm enough to go out without a jacket
Laugh: How can a cat sleep like that
Bought: Summer stuff from


Backpack: Primark
Boots: The Reaper by UNIF via Solestruck /
Faye =*